JANUARY 20th,  2019
Rose Package

DIY Videos + (4) Live Virtual Lectures
Tuesdays at Noon PST  (60 min)
January 22nd thru
February 12th, 2019

This is great for someone who’s retaking this course or just wants the information with limited support and no practice sessions. Of course you can always add private sessions with Liliana at cost.

Orchid Package

Rose Package +
(6) 45 minute
 private session with Liliana + (6) Live Practice Sessions from January 24th-February 28th, 2019 at Noon PST.

This is great for someone who wants intensive support to make the lessons come to life!

(Valued at $1,800.)

Lotus Package

Orchid package +
(25) Private Sessions where you practice reading clients with Liliana.

This is perfect for the professional. You are interested in reading for clients.
This takes 6 months to a year to complete. It will be at your pace and on our agreed upon schedule.

Bonus: Lotus Lantern Healing Arts Certificate of Completion.

(Valued at $10,000)


Rev. Liliana Barzola
Internationally Renowned  Psychic
Founder of Lotus Lantern Healing Arts

This class is  only for  students who have taken  the basic course: A-Alignment. But you do not have to have taken B Class.
Live, Virtual Classes on Tuesdays at Noon (PST)
Join us for Lecture and Healing
January 22th - February 28th, 2019

January 22nd: Anatomy of a psychic and setting the reading space.

January 29th: What's in a name? Looking at a person's growth period. What's in a color? Why do we use colors to read the energy field?

February 5th: Healing the client, healing yourself and staying clear. Understanding your boundary.

February 12th:
Learning to read spirits who've passed on. Reading a relationship space between two people. Spiritual competition. Levels of responsibility.



Live Practice Sessions on Thursdays at Noon (PST)
Let's Read Energy Together!
January 24th thru February 28th, 2019
(Included in Orchid and Lotus Package)
January 24th:  How to do a basic energy check. Keeping the space safe for you and your client.

January 31st: Spirit guides and how to use them in a reading.

February 7th: Reading Relationships

February 14th: What do do when you can't see anything at all.

February 21st: Reading Past-Lives

February 28th: Looking at the Cellular Level.
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